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The only place in America where you can easily find the great sales, deals, coupons and bargains at your favorite retail store located in shopping malls throughout America and Canada. Save 10%-90% on the products you want everyday! Register today for FREE! During registration, select the type of products you want and the retail stores you want them from. Then expect to receive great deals and coupons from your favorite stores, in your account daily, all for FREE! Going out of town? Then use our web based app to do a quick search and find deals on great products and bargains anywhere. So, take 3 minutes and sign up now! Think about all the money you will save the next time you visit your favorite mall!

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Related Shopping Issues

J.C. Penny`s, Footlockers, Ann Taylor, Chico`s and Cold Stone Creamery are only a few of the big names you will see within the shopping malls here at Sign in today and see what the fun is all about.

Fun at the Malls!

Malls are those fun places, loaded
with different stores, restaurants, beautiful foliage, and in some cases
?large attractions like in amusement parks, ice-skating rinks, and
theaters. It
?is easy to spend a whole day at the mall wandering the different shops
checking out the merchandise, seeing a movie or just sitting and
watching other people.Some of these malls, like the one in
?Beijing China, the world?s second largest mall, is almost like a
vacation. They have everything you could possibly want to shop for, many
?kinds of restaurants, a place to get something to eat, in some cases
live entertainment.Malls are visited
?by everyone from youngsters up through senior citizens. That?s probably
?because they have something for everyone. No matter who you are, you
can meet your shopping needs at the mall. So who is it that visits the
mall the most?That would be
difficult to answer. You would just about have to guess. It?s certainly
true that senior citizens visit the malls a lot. Most of them have a lot
?of extra time on their hands, and the mall is a great way to meet
people, go together with people, or just enjoy sitting walking or
watching people. Many mothers and fathers visit the mall primarily
because the place to shop for their needs and just about everything from
?clothing, to household goods, to foods, to drugstore items, are
available in the mall.Probably the
biggest group of people to visit the mall are the teenagers. Most of
them are pretty much on their own at that age, love to shop to be in
style with the other teenagers, can find just about anything they?re
looking for to include clothing, jewelry, the latest tunes, and
electronic devices. In some cases they can get their hair cut or styled.Probably
?the biggest reason that more teens visit the mall than any other group
is because they can hang out with their friends. Teens love to do that,
meeting their friends at the mall, or going to the mall with their
friends, and if nothing else just spending time rather than shopping.
Many malls cater to teens, providing the hottest fashions and items they
?know that teens are looking for. They offer discounts, they had sales,
and in some cases offer coupons, to entice teens.For
?those teens interested in joining the armed forces most major military
forces have their recruiting offices in the mall where they know that
they have a lot of teens there checking them out.So
?if you want to have fun, walk for exercise or just get out of the house
?to hang out with friends. Where do we think you should go? To the mall.
?See you there.

A Soldier's Sacrifice
Interesting Logo!

Yes, we think we have an interesting logo, but if you are new to, let us explain. We clearly understand how lucky we are to be able to operate a business in this country. The sacrifices that our Service Members have made to ensure our security and grant us this opportunity cannot be measured in our opinion. So to show our appreciation for the sacrifices of our Service Member, we have used an image of a soldier kneeling at the helmet and rifle of a fellow fallen soldier to remind everybody of their sacrifices. That image is also used to remind us just how fortunate we are as a country and organization to do what we do. So we have made an internal commitment to indirectly show our continued support of our Service Members. We will be using money generated from this site to do a number of things for our Service Members. We want to build at least one home per quarter for a Service Member in need. We would also like to be able to provide financial assistance to Service Member families who sometimes fall on hard times. We are not asking for contributions, this is something that we have agreed to do internally, but to those who understand where we are coming from and want to contribute, the link below will allow you to do this. If you don?t want to donate, that is fine with us we will continue to do as much as we can for our Service Members. So, there you have it. That is our commitment to our Service Members, and we plan on having an even stronger commitment to the members of our site. Thank you!

Returning Soldiers

For thousands of years, this scene has played over and over again. Soldiers going off to war, someday return, and when they do, they?re never the same. The old adage, ?war is hell,? is true. It changes a man, and in these days a woman as well. Life just isn?t the same. That returning soldier doesn?t see things the way they used to, and in some cases those around them may not even recognize them. How does this come about?

What most don?t realize, or those not close to military families, soldiers, or parents, is that most of them sacrifice a great deal. They are often away from family, and that includes immediate family such as the wife, children, the family dog and more.

Training is an important part of any military career and most soldiers do a lot of that. As a consequence, even when they are home, they are away from their family. Often times they are not there for major holidays such as Christmas, birthdays, Fourth of July, and perhaps a graduation. They often miss entire periods of their children?s education, parties, etc.

These days, with the war in Afghanistan, and earlier in Iraq, those soldiers, both men and women have been away to combat just about their whole career. They come home for a time and their back off to the ?sandbox,? as they call it. The cycle creates a lot of tension. Of course they come home, always in the back of your mind is the fact that they?re going back again.

Add to that everything that this soldier has experienced while in combat, to include the things they?ve done, and the things they?ve seen, and you have a changed person when they get off that airplane back in the states.

Often times, service members feel guilty for the things they might have done, some of the things they might have seen, that they couldn?t prevent, and even being away from family. This has an adverse effect on their personality and it shows to those people back home, who remember them the way they were, and barely recognize them as they are now.

It?s sad but true, that the military tends to rely on pharmaceuticals to correct the problem. As a consequence, many of them are addicted to those prescriptions, and can?t live without them. This is the standard state of affairs for many soldiers returning home.

New Goal!

We have a new goal to attempt to build our 1st home for a Service Member in need by June 2015. We recognize the sacrifices that our Service Members have made for this country, we simply feel that sometimes, we must give back. Stay tuned, we`ll try to keep you up to date.

Escrow Account & Update

There is approximately $1,800.00 in our escrow account. However, our will is strong and this is something that we really want to do for our Service Members. So stay tuned and continue to support the advertisers who continue to advertise with us. Using our services is still a great way to get the discounts and coupons you deserve and want. Furthermore, we want to hear from you too. We enjoy hearing the opinion of our customers and will take nothing for granted. Thank you for your continued support and continue to grow with us.

Wall of Love & Sacrifice
  • Charles $12.00 Alaska
  • Kris $75.00 New Jersey
  • Leo Max $100.00 Maryland
  • David $19.00 New Hampshire
  • Peter Rip $15.00 North Dakota
  • Donald Valentine $16.00 New Jersey
  • Dan Watkins $18.00 Texas
  • Sally $90.00 California
  • Charlotte $125.00 Arizona
  • Quintan $50.00 Minnesota
  • Sasha R $25.00 Illinois
  • Peter L $25.00 Florida
  • Susan E $100.00 New Hampshire
  • Betty W $50.00 California
  • Hank X $50.00 Tuskeegee
  • Conner W $6.00 Omaha """""""""""""""""